2017 NFL Playoffs Scenarios

After 17 weeks of NFL football, the play-offs will finally begin on Saturday 6th January 2018. Last night, the Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans clinched a playoff berth after results went their way. The most notable result went Buffalo’s way as the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens on a 4th down play to ensure the Bills reach the playoffs for the first time since 1999.




#1 seed: New England Patriots (13-3)

#2 seed: Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3)

#3 seed: Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6)

#4 seed: Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)

#5 seed: Tennessee Titans (9-7)

#6 seed: Buffalo Bills (9-7)

Wild Card Round: (Jan 6/7th)

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars


NFC North-thumb-600x533-25337


Meanwhile in the NFC, five of the six playoff teams are completely different from last year as the Falcons are the only team who are making consecutive appearances. The Rams are making their first playoff appearance since 2003.


#1 seed: Philadelphia Eagles (13-3)

#2 seed: Minnesota Vikings (13-3)

#3 seed: Los Angeles Rams (11-5)

#4 seed: New Orleans Saints (11-5)

#5 seed: Carolina Panthers (11-5)

#6 seed: Atlanta Falcons (10-6)


Wild Card Round: (Jan 6/7th)

Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Rams

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints



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