Rumoured Surprise Entrants For The WWE Royal Rumble

There is a lot of speculation that Samoa Joe could be making his main roster debut at Sunday’s Royal Rumble event, however he’s not the only NXT Superstar that could be appearing on the show.

We have learned that both Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura are two other names being discussed for surprise entrances in the match. Dillinger, who’s “10 chant” is way over, would be the favorite to enter the match as the number 10 spot in the match. Officials feel the chant have caught on and will be the next big thing, similar to the “What” and “Yes” chants.

There has also been speculation about Zack Sabre Jr. being in the Rumble match since his name was seen on a Royal Rumble graphic with other WWE talent. However, it’s possible that the graphic automatically generated WWE’s entire database of talent from recent history. Also, there’s been no indication that cruiserweight talent will be part of the match.

As of this writing there are still only 22 names confirmed for the match, so an appearance by any of these men is very likely.

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