USA Election: What Happens Now?

Today we witnessed history as Donald J Trump was confirmed as the 45th President of the United States of America after defeating Democratic Nominee Hilary Rodham Clinton. It was an announcement that shocked the whole world.

Image from the Chicago Tribune: Donald Trump giving his Press Conference

It was clear from the beginning that Secretary Clinton would be the favourite to win the election. Many saw Trump’s campaign as a joke, even fellow Republicans had refused to endorse Donald Trump. Somehow, someway, Trump had prevailed and shocked the entire nation.

Prior to the polls opening, it was clear from the start that Trump had to win key battleground states such as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Iowa and he did just that.

Image from Daily Star: Trump wins Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania

Donald Trump has been in the limelight throughout the entire campaign for the wrong reasons. From denouncing females to threatening an entire religion from entering the country. The American people voiced their concerns about Trump yet it didn’t seem to matter as history was made.

The transition from President Obama’s administration to President Trump is slowly underway and we can expect to see key staff announcements in the coming future. The White House has already confirmed that Trump will receive the  highly classified day to day briefings President Obama.

As well as a Republican winning the election, the House of Representatives, The Senate are also have a Republican Majority which makes things difficult for Democrats to recover from. Speaker of the house Paul Ryan has said that the party is unified and supports Trump throughout his Presidency.

Photo from The Guardian, Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais: Vice President Biden & President Obama addressing the media regarding Donald Trump’s victory

For now, American’s still have President Obama in the White House, but from the 20th January, history will be made as Trump becomes the next President.

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