News on Charlotte vs Sasha Banks at Hell in a Cell & the Main Event.

As of now, the main event for Sunday’s Hell In A Cell PPV is still up in the air. Last week Raw GM Mick Foley announced on Facebook that Sasha vs Charlotte will main event the show. Foley has since gone onto edit that announcement and announced that the Main Event for the show is still in the air. Going into the show, the PPV is being dubbed as having three main events.

As for the Charlotte vs Sasha Banks match, there are higher-ups within the company who doesn’t watch the match to close the show according to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio.

The decision going around the company is whether they should go on first or last. There is the worry that fans may go home if the match takes place in the middle of the show as Sasha is from Boston according to Alvarez. However if they decide to put the match on first, there is a feeling that no one will leave the show as they would miss most of the show.

Right now there is no decision on which match will close the show.


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