Problems for the Carolina Panthers?




After a brilliant season last year and a Super Bowl appearance, the Carolina Panthers were expected to do good things this season. Fast forward to week 5 and they’re 1-4.

It’s obvious the Panthers are struggling. A loss last night to Tampa Bay and a humiliating defeat to Atlanta the previous week left people wondering, what is wrong with Carolina? Current MVP Cam Newton is out with concussion but even he hasn’t performed to the best of his abilities. He was also seen riding his bike without a helmet prior to the Carolina game.

This is something you wouldn’t want to see from your franchise QB especially when your injured. His actions were called “shocking” and “embarrassing” by Randy Moss and Matt Hasselbeck after the game.

It is unclear as to when Cam Newton will return, however there are some serious questions surrounding the Panthers and whether they can bounce back and reach the playoffs. A feat that the team should’ve reached easily.

Week 6 sees Carolina travelling to New Orleans to face Drew Brees and the Saints. The Saints are facing there own problems right now as they have suffered a terrible start to the season. The Panthers must win against the Saints if they want a glimmer of hope in reaching the playoffs.

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