Is Smackdown The New Face That Runs The Place? 

When WWE announced that Smackdown will be going live on Tuesday from July, it was arguably a big step for them. A second live show to challenge the flagship show Monday Night Raw.

Smackdown was always seen as the “B” show with not much importance. Attendance wasn’t as high as Raw and TV Ratings weren’t as good. It was obvious that something had to change for Smackdown and WWE finally saw that themselves. 

With the Draft and the show going live, it finally made Smackdown interesting again. Adding key wrestlers such as Ambrose, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, John Cena, Bray Wyatt arguably gave the show a much improved atmosphere 

The hottest wrestler right now AJ Styles being the face of the show, a 15 time world Champion as well as a 12 time Champion in Orton all on the same show. 

We’re also seeing better feuds, more passionate promos such as last nights promo with Ziggler and The Miz. Titles such as the Intercontinental Championship are now being recognised unlike it was during Raw. I’m even enjoying the Women’s division way more than Raw. Wrestlers like Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella, Carmella, Becky Lynch and many more are putting on a good show and is making me want to watch them. 

What makes Smackdown better is the fact that it’s also a 2 hour show. Writers can be relaxed with what they’re putting on for the show. We’re not seeing squash matches or unnecessary promos like we see in Raw. 

I’ve been a Smackdown person ever since I first watched WWE, mainly because of The Undertaker. But for the first time in years, I’m wanting to watch Smackdown at 1am more than Monday Night Raw. Raw no longer has that attraction that it used to have and WWE really needs to change that. 

The last month or so, Smackdown Live has been the better show even in PPV wise. Backlash was regarded as a great PPV whereas Clash of Champions felt different in a bad way. 

With John Cena and Dean Ambrose taking a break from WWE after No Mercy, it’ll be interesting to see how Smackdown is run. The current plans are for Randy Orton to feud with AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. 

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