Possible Reason As To Why Triple H Has Been Kept Off WWE TV

Triple H was kept off weekly WWE programming since his WrestleMania match earlier this year, however he made a surprised return a few weeks back by interfering in the fatal 4-way match for the WWE Universal Championship.

It was speculated that The Game would show up the following week on Monday Night RAW and explain his actions, however that was not the case. Many fans were left with the question as to why Triple H turned his back on Seth Rollins and sided with Kevin Owens.

We have been told that the company has decided to keep Triple H off weekly WWE programming because the competition they now face with Monday Night Football. Viewership for WWE programming for Monday nights are expected to take a huge dip with a lot of America watching the games.

They also feel that bringing Triple H back could be a little premature right now. The company has been talking about having a blow-off match between Triple H and Rollins at next year’s WrestleMania 33 event. If Triple H was to return to weekly programming, it would be hard to keep the feud between the two a hot topic with WrestleMania being a long ways away.

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